Illuminated Furniture Pieces for Funky Decors

Looking for a way to make your home more dynamic? These glowing furniture pieces from Rotoluxe make for some lovely decorating elements. Created entirely out of plastic, the products are available in a variety of shapes and colors and they can be used as night tables , support for various small objects, or simply as floor lamps. The soft light they give contributes to a serene and funky atmosphere. The company also produces glowing flower pots which have a nice aesthetic effect. According to the manufacturer, “all products use recycled content, black parts are 100% recycled (post industrial/consumer plastics), and can be 100% recycled back“. Seen on Inhabitat, the the Rotoluxe stools, benches, tables and planters are all made under the motto “Going green doesn’t mean you have to compromise design.” Find them appealing?

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