Imposing Loft Design in San Francisco by Steven Volpe

Stunning interiors can be found all over. It’s up to us to recognise craftsmanship and innovative ideas when we see them. Take for example this loft reconversion. Designed and owned by well-known designer Steven Volpe, the loft situated on 355 Bryant St, San Francisco, California, displays surprising 18′ ceilings that draw natural light in and allow the inhabitants to feel like they are living in a grand open space. Eight redwood timber columns dominate the interiors and continue up to the ceiling to create an imposing atmosphere. The beautiful combination of exposed brick and conservatory windows give the place a feeling of home without denying the owner his/her freedom. Glass doors leading out to a private courtyard connect the inside to the outside, while the upstairs bedroom with full bath offers the owner a relaxing private space. Custom built-ins and an exceptional selection of furniture create a modern living space.

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