Colorful Carpet + Abstract Art = Geometric Home Area Rugs

Not for the minimalist, these vibrant designs are made to become centerpieces and conversation points suited to any style – so long as it is a bold one. They draw on everything from Matisse to the 1970s, traditional African homes to contemporary Japanese flower patterns.

Sonya Winner blends durable New Zealand wool with soft silks to add color, texture and warmth to home interiors, adapted to fit individual spaces, but also customized and personalized depending upon surrounding elements of decor.

While many of the prints are compelling, the ones that really stand out are the strangely abstracted, box-breaking works that look as if they were assembled from various individual carpets into one mutant mega-rug.

Not all of the work is based on strict geometries, however – this exceptional limited-edition log slice pattern is equally dynamic and daring. The only way to out-dazzle these unique designs would be to put them in a room already full of strong colors and/or shapes – otherwise, be prepared to have a new center of attention in your living or dining room.

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